Harbour Island Nightlife

Beyond The Reef

Most nights, the party starts here. Don’t expect to find much action before 11:00 pm though. The small entrance gives way to a very large covered deck built out over the water where the dj sets up to play hip hop and dancehall.

Valentine's Resort & Marina

Daddy D's

Devon Sawyer a.k.a. Daddy D has masterfully become king of the night and the life of the party. After years of playing music for others, he went on his own and created a chicly decorated, modern club that hosts locals and tourists alike nearly every night of the week. Daddy D has a knack for playing to his audience- he gets to know who is in town and caters to their musical tastes while still asserting his own curated preferences. Hosting seasonal parties, holiday events, karaoke nights and the newly added calypso night on Fridays, Daddy D’s is the pulse of the party.

Valentine's Resort & Marina


For decades, the sand covered dance floor of Gusty’s has been the warm up act for late night shenanigans. Play a round of pool or sit outside on the surrounding balcony while you sip Gusty’s homemade rum punch and listen to classic American bar tunes. Gusty is usually up for conversation and you’d be amazed to hear about the range of visitors he’s had over the years.


Sitting opposite from Beyond the Reef, Sammy’s is a popular local haunt wherein a game of dominos seems to be occurring virtually all day and night. Spillover from the neighboring bar usually fills the space at night. On some evenings, Sammy’s holds its own and is the place to be.

Sunsets restaurant & Bar

As the name implies, the party can get started at this Romora Bay bar in the late afternoon. Live music by local musicians such as the Brilanders, CJ, the 123 Band, Ithalia Johnson and Dr. Toby Tyler and others keep the atmosphere dynamic and fun. Unwind, sip frozen Goombay Smashes and enjoy mingling with locals, boaters and other assorted characters brought in by the tide.

Tiki Bar

This locals bar is the perfect spot to grab a drink and get into lively debates as you watch big games, and other current events on live tv. The unpredictability and spontaneity of casual conversation is a refreshing aspect of being on the island and can readily be enjoyed here.

The Vic Hum Club

A visit to Harbour Island is incomplete without a very late night at Vic Hum’s. Owner “Hitler” Percentie is the soul of this bar and a quick glance around the interior will tell you just how long he’s been at it. Ask to see the world’s largest coconut, play ping pong indoors, our head out the back door to an enclosed, open air dance floor / basketball court for the most unique setting for a game of hoops or to sweat off the alcohol as you dance into the wee hours of the morning. You’re going to need Brian’s BBQ at this point and hopefully you placed your order hours ago!

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