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VIP Airport Transfer

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Private VIP Transport Includes:

  • Dedicated Concierge Agent with you Throughout your Transfer
  • Private Taxi Service from ELH Airport to Three Island Dock.
  • Private Water Taxi from Three Island Dock to Valentine's Marina (or alternate option if applicable).
  • Luggage Transfer to your Hotel or Private Home.


Getting to Briland is a simple flight, taxi, & boat ride away. If you are flying in, North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) will be the nearest point of entry. You will arrive either at the Commercial Terminal or at the Private Terminal (White Crown Aviation).

We provide VIP airport transfers from the North Eleuthera Airport to your final destination on Harbour Island. This includes being escorted the entire way by one of our concierge agents, a private car service, and a private boat ride, while getting you to your destination much more efficiently. We also handle all payments & tips, so you never have to reach for your wallet.

Transfer Details

Personal Concierge

One of our Concierge transfer agents will meet you upon arrival and will be waiting for you before you exit the terminal. They will then whisk you into your own pre-arranged private taxi and ensure that all your bags are loaded into the vehicle. Tipping of all porters will be handled directly by our team.

Private Taxi Service

Your private taxi ride will be short but efficient, as you don't have to wait for anyone else before setting off directly to the water taxi terminal at Three Island Dock. Once you reach the dock, your bags will be transferred to the awaiting, pre-arranged private water taxi for you. Payments and tips will be handled for you by our staff.

Private Water Taxi

Once you board your private water taxi, they will set off immediately, so you aren't waiting around for the boat to fill up with other passengers. The short but picturesque trip will take you directly to either Valentine's Marina to then transfer to a second taxi direct to your home/hotel (or to one of the other marina's or waterfront homes when applicable). Once again, all payment and tipping will be taken care of by our team.

Optional Tarmac Service

For the ultimate in luxury and privacy, we can arrange for private tarmac service direct to your private jet. Upon arrival the immigration officer will board your plane and process all passengers while in the comfort and privacy of your plane. During this process your private taxi will enter the airport and have all your bags transferred directly for you. You will then disembark your plane and get directly into your private taxi right next to your plane to begin your fully private transfer to Harbour Island.