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When you decide to visit Harbour Island you must first pause and congratulate yourself, for you’ve just made one of the best travel decisions of your life. Soon enough, you’ll be unwinding, recharging, and “dilly dallying” as locals say, but first you’ll have to figure out how to get to this remote oasis. As much as we encourage our guests to enjoy “island time” we take honor in providing timely and professional travel services that make your experience an enjoyable and comfortable one. 

Whether you’re traveling in a large group for a special event or just looking for an easy getaway with your partner, Conch and Coconut’s travel concierge helps you organize every step of the way. In this blog, we’ll cover how to get to Harbour Island by air, sea, and land so you can focus on picking out your favorite swimsuits and sunnies!



Getting to Harbour Island is easier than ever thanks to a wide offering of commercial and charter flights. From choosing a departure time that works with your schedule to bringing your furry friends along, the experience of traveling via executive charter is by far the most flexible, comfortable, and yes...fabulous. Our partners at Zulu Air provide year-round executive charters from Miami’s Opa-Locka and Fort Lauderdale Executive airports into North Eleuthera Airport (ELH). Zulu Air’s passion for customer service and attention to detail makes them Conch and Coconut APPROVED!

Zulu Air

Looking for commercial flights to Harbour Island? You’ll find offerings from most major airlines (American, Delta, United) and a few other regional airlines (Aztec Air, Bahamas Air, Pineapple Air, Silver Airways). You’ll want to fly into North Eleuthera Airport (ELH), just 15 minutes away from Harbour Island (more details in next section). 


You’ve flown over the cerulean waters of the Bahamas and landed in North Eleuthera Airport. You’ll disembark on the runway and proceed to clear immigration. Please reference our post onCOVID restrictions to make sure you have all the necessary documentation to enter the island. 

Airpost Transfer

Getting from North Eleuthera to Harbour Island requires a taxi ride AND a water taxi. Much like anything in life, the first time doing this is the hardest/most confusing. Conch & Coconut offers private taxis and water taxis to get you to the pink sands pronto! We’ll arrange to have a private driver and a member of our concierge staff waiting for you outside of the arrivals door. A quick 3 minute drive gets you to the Three Island Dock where your private water taxi awaits. In true Bahamian style, you’ll arrive to Harbour Island by boat after a 5-10 minute ride across the bay.


Looking for a more cost effective solution? 

  • Public taxis are available for $10 + gratuity from airport to Three Island Dock
  • Public water taxi is $5-$7 pp and can drop you off at Valentines, Romora Bay or Government Dock

Pack too many bikinis? Our luggage transfer services help transport your luggage from the airport to your hotel or vacation rental. Just ask our concierge team!



If you are arriving via a private vessel we recommend Valentine’s Resort and Marina and Romora Bay. Please make sure to clear customs at the nearest port of entry at Government Dock. 

There are ferries that leave from the United States via Ft. Lauderdale, but we do not recommend them as they only travel to Bimini and Grand Bahama and would require you to transfer twice to get to Harbour Island. 

Getting here by Boat


Getting to Harbour Island by land is a bit of an oxymoron as Harbour Island is after all... an island. Nonetheless, you’ll need a taxi to transport you from North Eleuthera Airport to the North Eleuthera boat dock and another taxi to transport you from the Government Dock in Harbour Island to your hotel or vacation rental. 

We can organize private transportation for both legs of the trip. Once you arrive in Harbour Island you’ll notice the main form of transportation is golf carts (and no, there is no Uber for golf carts!) Luckily, we have a fleet of luxury golf carts available for rental that are sure to get you up steepest hills and over the rockiest roads. We recommend reserving golf carts in advance during peak season.

Golf Carts

Your feet will be in Harbour Island’s pink sands sooner than you think! Our concierge team looks forward to helping you crack open the good life. See you soon!

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