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Picture this moment: you open the calendar app on your phone, add a new event and giddily type in “A Week in the Crown Jewel of the Bahamas 💎”.  You share the calendar invite with your guests and lean back in your chair and it hits you, “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO PACK!?” 


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At Conch & Coconut, we know our clients live fast-paced lives. Whether it’s the office, your family, or a combination of both, your time is precious and not dispensable. That’s why our concierge team helps you plan everything, big AND small. From recommending accommodations to providing a travel checklist that ensures you’ve got everything you need to live your best life on Harbour island’s pink sands, we’re here to make your life easier! 

Our vetted concierge team applied their years of providing a white-glove concierge service to come up with the ultimate travel abroad checklist for you and your loved ones. 



Although Harbour Island is a beach destination you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to dress up for nice dinners. We often tell our clients, if you’ve packed for The Hamptons or Nantucket you know how to pack for Harbour Island. During the day you can expect to be in a bathing suit and a cover up or in casual attire. As mentioned, dinner will be your opportunity to dress up a bit. A preppy and elegant approach is best. We’re a little more relaxed than Lyford Cay, so men won’t need to wear a jacket to dinner. 


Lucky for you, most of your time will be spent outdoors in a tropical climate, so plan to pack light materials like linen and cotton and expect to spend most of your days in beach attire. 

Beach Attire

Women - face masks, floral dresses, neutral colored pants and tops, linen jumpsuits, linen tops, shorts, woven hats (you can find amazing hand-made straw goods on the island), UV protective clothing, workout /tennis attire, light sleepwear, comfortable sandals, neutral colored heels or wedges, 2-3 bathing suits, and beach cover-ups. 


Gentlemen - face masks, khakis, jeans, blue or white button down shirts, linen shirts/pants/shorts, woven hats (available on the island), sandals, flip flops, leather loafers, 2-3 bathing suits, and t-shirts. 

Street Style

 Photo Credit: @harbourislandstreetstyle

Our favorite boutiques:DAKE’S SHOPPE and Blue Rooster 


Our crystal clear waters are a magnet for the soul that will have you glued to the beach or going for an adventure on one of our private boat tours. With that in mind, you’ll want to be protecting yourself from the coveted Bahamian rays! 

We recommendreef safe sunscreenfor you and your little ones and an after sun gel or spray. Face moisturizer, a cleanser, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, face masks, leave-in conditioner, razors, and bug spray are also recommended. 

Women - In the spirit of relaxation, we recommend a more neutral color palette for your makeup. A little mascara, a soft pink lip and a rosy cheek will go a long way here! 

Gents- Hair styling products to keep you looking extra sharp!



U.S. Currency is on par with the Bahamian dollar meaning the exchange rate is 1:1. You’ll be able to use U.S. currency everywhere you go so there is no need to exchange your dollars for Bahamian dollars. It is absolutely normal to receive change that’s a mix of Bahamian and U.S. dollars. If you would like to take out more cash on the island the only ATM available is at the Royal Bank of Canada, located centrally on Dunmore Street. 


Travel Documents

It goes without saying that your feet won’t be sinking into the pink sands of Harbour Island unless you bring your passport along! A valid passport and is required to enter the Bahamas.

Travel Documents


Extended Stays

If you’re lucky enough to stay on the island for longer than a week there’s no need to pack your entire closet. Most of your time will be spent outside, so instead of packing more evening dresses or chinos, think about bringing more day-time attire. That means a few extra shorts, tops, bathing suits, and cover ups. At the end of the day, Harbour Island is a relaxed spot where globetrotters come to unwind. Stick to an elegant and preppy approach and you’ll be good to go! If you forgot anything you can ask our concierge team for more recommendations on local shopping locales. 

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