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by Shaq Gibson 3 min read

On a map, Harbour Island may look like a small spec, but a closer glance reveals a maze of winding roads that sparse over the 3 mile oasis. No matter how fabulous or famous you are you’ll be surprised to discover that the most common form of transportation on the island is a golf cart (that’s right, even Bill Gates and Jay-Z used them when visiting!)

Conch & Coconut Golf Carts

Before you have to start thinking about driving on the opposite side of the road (remember the Bahamas was once a British colony) you’ll want to secure your chariot for your stay on the island. As a part of our concierge service, Conch & Coconut is proud to offer you our very own fleet of golf carts. Ranging from six seater luxury carts with all terrain tires to standard 4 seater golf carts, we have you covered! We routinely service all of our carts, offer free delivery to the location of your choice, and include gas in the price of the rental. 

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During the high season (December to April) we HIGHLY recommend reserving your golf cart ahead of time. Reserving one month before your trip is a good rule of thumb, especially if you have your eyes set on luxury golf cart or a six seater golf cart. These tend to get booked first! 

Conch & Coconut Golf Cart Offerings 

Golf Cart Options

Luxury Carts

If a smooth ride, a lifted suspension, USB chargers, fuel efficiency with decreased noise, and LED headlights sounds like your cup of tea then you’ll want to be looking into our luxury class. All the 6 and 4 seat carts in this fleet are from 2018 or newer and ride on all-terrain tires that guarantee you a smooth ride. The luxury cart class also gets you 24/7 customer support.

Premium Carts

Our premium class gets you a lifted gas powered golf cart with all terrain tires and premium marine grade seating. Premium carts are available in 6 or 4 seater options and in classic Conch & Coconut style, we offer free delivery to your location of choice. 

Standard Carts

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable form of transportation then our standard carts are the choice for you. These carts are at a standard height and feature road tires so you’ll still have a solid grip on the road. Standard marine grade seating is ready to handle whatever your Bahamian adventure has in store, whether it’s going to the beach or riding to a nice dinner, our standard carts are prepared to get you around the island! Gas and delivery are included in the rental price.

Rules and Regulations

Against popular belief, just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean there aren’t any rules! Firstly, you’ll want to keep in mind that you drive on the left side of the road in the Bahamas. Next, in order to legally drive a golf cart in the Bahamas you must be at least 18 years old and have a full driving license valid in your country of residence (to rent from Conch & Coconut, you must be at least 21+ with a valid license).

We know Goombay Smashes and Kaliks are the go-to thirst quenchers on the island but request that the driver keep their drinking under control while operating the vehicle. 

Book your golf cart online with Conch & Coconut!

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