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Harbour Island Curated Adventures

We’re bringing you all that Harbour Island has to offer on and beyond the world famous pink sand beach. For an unforgettable experience, let us guide you on an authentic Bahamian adventure or a curated private excursion. Learn about local history, explore a pristine isolated beach, interact with marine life, get an adrenaline rush from cliff jumping, and enjoy a fresh caught, Bahamian meal cooked up beachside while you enjoy tranquility under the shade of a fragrant pine. You could lay out all day on the pink sand beach and do absolutely nothing. Or, book an adventure, try something new and leave nothing behind but the shell.


Popular Destinations

  • Tay Bay Beach - A beautiful stretch of beach that lies adjacent to the Devil’s Backbone. Just beyond it’s dunes lies the entrance to Preacher’s Cave.

  • Preacher’s Cave - The Eleutheran Adventurers shipwrecked and subsequently took refuge in this cave in the early 1600’s.

  • Sapphire Blue Hole - This recently discovered cenote hosts crystal clear “sapphire” water that can be swam in so long as you have the guts to jump down into it.

  • Devil’s Backbone Snorkeling - Get an up close look at the reef that has wreaked havoc on many a hull. Marine life is varied and plentiful in this area.

  • Cliff Jumping at Ridley Head - Pull yourself out of the ocean by means of a rope and scale the side of a large rock to get to the 35 ft. pinnacle. 3, 2, 1 JUMP!!

  • Ben Bay Beach - Calm waters are almost a guarantee in this very protected horseshoe shaped beach.

  • Sand Dollar “Beach” - Explore this picturesque stretch of exposed sandbar that is home to a multitude of sand dollars.

  • Swim with Pigs - All ages will delight in the unexpected sight of swimming pigs at pig beach.

  • Mann Island - Wander the shores of this 35 acre deserted island. Wilson not included.

  • Sea Turtle Sighting - Cruise through the calm crystal bay waters of Bottom Harbour for a close up look at sea turtles and the occasional manatee.

  • Rope Swing - Hoist yourself onto a knotted rope and swing yourself out over perfectly still waters for the thrill of creating the perfect cannonball splash.

Guided Fishing Excursion